Intelligent automotive engineering is increasingly finding its way into the entire vehicle’s architecture. Energy supply, electronics and functional hardware interact more and more with each other. Nowadays, innovative safety and usability concepts for internally and externally cross-linked vehicles, new architectures for hybrid drivetrains or systems for unplugged battery charging for electric vehicles are needed more than ever. We have the solutions.

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Bereichsleiter Elektrik/Elektronik
Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Küfen

Department Manager Electrics/Electronics
Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Küfen

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Intelligent vehicles - Tomorrow’s mobility

Tomorrow’s vehicles will redefine essential parts of our mobility and our everyday life.

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Innovative functional architectures

The upcoming vehicle generations will have to offer new solutions for the E/E architecture to meet the requirements of more and more complex functions.

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Functional and software development

Control units are an essential part of every mechatronic system. Especially in modern vehicles you can easily come across hundreds of such units for all sorts of purposes.

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Power network simulation and evaluation

The power grid is an essential basis for intelligent vehicle functionalities. Energy efficiency and safety play major roles in developing such systems.

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unplugged - Inductive charging

Electric mobility is one of the major future topics in automotive. It will change and define the types of mobility and vehicles of the future.

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