bordnetz 300

Battery Conditioning and Powernet Testing


  • verifi cation of vehicle powernet topologies (12 V / 48 V), operating strategies and components
  • controlled charging/discharging and cyclic conditioning of batteries to desired state of charge (SoC)
  • testing of inductive charging systems and analysis of eff ects on the vehicle powernet

Technical Data

  • charging by the use of standard battery chargers or power supplies up to 400 A
  • discharging with constant current (600 A), constant resistance and constant power (5.6 kW)
  • max. engine load emulation: 18 kW
  • verifi cation of 12 V / 48 V topologies
  • components featuring diverse communication interfaces can be integrated in test setup
  • induktive charging with up to 7.2 kW at 85 kHz
  • automatic position measurements (0.125 mm)

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