Control Unit for Hearing

Control Unit for Hearing

The progressive development of automated vehicles is largely based on proper and complete sensor technology. This is essential for automated vehicle systems, but also plays an important role in new assistance systems and customer-centric applications.

In this context, fka is developing a Sonic Intelligence control unit which gives the vehicle a genuine sense of hearing in order to expand vehicle sensor technology and in particular the ability of future vehicles to perceive their surroundings. This new sense offers great potential for many new functions for the vehicle and its users, especially in the areas of safety and comfort.

The new control unit is being developed by specialists in the field of electrics/electronics, with significant support from fka's other development and research activities in the fields of acoustics and automated driving, as well as from fka's scientific cooperation partner, the Institut for Automotive Engineering (ika) at RWTH Aachen University. Currently, the control unit enables a large number of different applications and initially sees itself as a platform for technology development.

The Sonic Intelligence control unit is being further developed and optimised by fka in order to test the concept and its implementation possibilities with the aim of also supporting safety-critical applications. It is fka's declared aim to provide a technology for tomorrow's mobility today with a specific solution. In addition to the direct use of functions, there is also the possibility of rethinking technological and architectural approaches.

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Control Unit for Hearing


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