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Die Mobilität der Zukunft aktiv und innovativ gestalten – das ist eine unserer größten Herausforderungen. Bei den ika-Meetups powered by fka steht genau dieser Diskurs im Fokus.

Die Meetups sind geprägt von einer lockeren Atmosphäre, die den fachlichen Austausch und das Networking untereinander fördern soll. Experten und Expertinnen aus Forschung sowie Industrie stellen in ihren Vorträgen aktuelle Forschungs- und Entwicklungsthemen vor. Neben dem wissenschaftlichen Fachwissen kommt in diesen Vorträgen auch die praktische Anwendung niemals zu kurz. Nach dem jeweiligen Vortrag bleibt bei Snacks und Getränken noch genug Zeit, um zu diskutieren und neue Kontakte zu knüpfen.

Die fka sponsort die ika-Meetups, um allen interessierten Bürgern sowie Bürgerinnen der Städteregion, Studierenden der RWTH und FH Aachen sowie Fachleuten aus dem Bereich Automotive die Teilnahme am aktuellen Diskurs zur Mobilität der Zukunft zu ermöglichen. Der Eintritt sowie Snacks und Getränke sind für Sie daher kostenlos.

Actively and innovatively shaping the mobility of the future - that is one of our greatest challenges. The ika-Meetups powered by fka focus on precisely this discourse.

The Meetups are characterised by a relaxed atmosphere, which is intended to promote professional exchange and networking among the participants. In their lectures, experts from research and industry present current research and development topics. In addition to scientific expertise, practical application is also never overlooked in these lectures. After each lecture, there will be plenty of time for discussion and making new contacts over snacks and drinks.

fka is sponsoring the ika-Meetups in order to enable all interested citizens, students of the RWTH and FH Aachen and experts from the automotive sector to take part in the current discourse on the mobility of the future. Admission as well as snacks and drinks are therefore free of charge.

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Over the last decade, battery electric drives have become increasingly popular in the area of container handling. In many ports, zero-emission fleets are in operation, some with more than 100 transport vehicles per container terminal. Fully automatic battery changing stations and automated rapid charging stations are available to operate the vehicles.

Jan Schmidt-Ewig will give an overview of the essential development steps of the last years. The lecture will also shed light on the technical and economic advantages of battery electric drive trains for heavy-duty applications and give an outlook on future innovations.

Dr. Jan Philipp Schmidt-Ewig

  • is team leader for R&D at Konecranes, a world leader in automated container handling systems
  • deals with battery-electric and hybrid drive trains for container transporters and harbour cranes as well as automated solutions for container handling

High-precision digital maps have proven to be a central component in the development, operation and safety assurance of automated driving functions. In his presentation, Henning Lategahn will show what digital maps can look like and what their advantages are. He will show how altatec can create high-fidelity 3D maps on a large scale using only cameras and GPS. For this purpose, a very efficient creation process has been developed to ensure broad availability, moderate costs and high actuality for a wide range of applications.

Henning Lategahn

  • is Founder and Managing Director of atlatec GmbH
  • deals with efficient generation of high-precision digital maps

In recent years, methods from the field of deep learning have become established for many applications. There are also various use cases for automated driving, ranging from perception of the environment to prediction of other road users and path planning. However, one of the major points of discussion when using deep learning methods is the interpretability of the prediction results.

Daniel Bauer will explain in his talk what contribution estimating uncertainties can make to shed some light on the black box neural network.

Daniel Bauer

  • Is a doctoral student at the Ford-Werke GmbH in cooperation with the ika
  • deals with stochastic environmental perception using artificial neural networks with focus on radar and camera-based free space detection

Powertrain test benches play an essential role in the development and validation of new drive systems. So far, none of the many different concepts for electrified or hybrid powertrains has been able to clearly establish itself. This diversification leads to an increased scope and complexity of tasks in the powertrain test field. This requires extended methods and new test bench components.

The presentation gives an overview of the different types of powertrain test benches and their special design for electrified drive systems, with a focus on the increased complexity of heavy-duty and off-highway applications.

Watch the recording of the ika-meetup here:

Marc von Papen

  • is AVL's System Line Manager responsible for the business development of HD-Driveline test benches for worldwide OEMs and suppliers
  • is the site manager of AVL Aachen and focuses on the design and development of powertrain test benches for heavy duty and off-highway vehicles

For some years now, Silicon Valley has also been a technology region in which the mobility of the future is being shaped. Frequently, the IT-influenced companies and start-ups pursue new ideas with a different perspective than the established automotive industry. For some time now, Christian Roth has been observing current trends for the fkaSV in connection with automated, networked and electric vehicles, such as new technological approaches or disruptive business models that are emerging in Silicon Valley. In his lecture he will highlight how the automobile is seen there and what new ideas this view leads to.

Watch the recording of the ika-meetup here:

Christian Roth

  • is Managing Director of fka SV in San Jose, California
  • deals with the observation of current mobility technologies in Silicon Valley

The year 2020 should bring the electrification of passenger cars into the volume market. The main focus of vehicle electrification is the high-voltage battery. The high-voltage battery plays a decisive role in determining key issues that are important for customer acceptance, such as costs, range, charging behavior and safety. For vehicle suppliers, the high-voltage battery offers both challenges and opportunities. With the focus on the overall system & battery housing, this presentation will highlight the requirements for battery systems. Using two examples from the areas of thermal management and safety, opportunities and potential in the market for future, innovative battery systems will be discussed in practical terms.

Watch the recording of the ika-meetup here:

Nils Neumann

  • studied industrial engineering (mechanical engineering) with a focus on automotive engineering and innovation management at the RWTH Aachen University (Germany) and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) Stockholm (Sweden)
  • Between 2012 and 2016 he was a research assistant at the Institute of Automotive Engineering at RWTH Aachen University. Topic of his doctoral thesis: "Optimization of vehicle portfolio strategies against the background of European CO2 regulation".
  • Since 2017, he has been working for fka GmbH in the Strategy & Consulting division, where, as team leader for market and efficiency strategies, he heads a team of consultants focusing on electromobility, CO2 compliance, sustainability strategies and market modelling

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