[Foto: Kontinuierliches Design- und Funktionsbenchmarking von Front-Bumpersystemen]

Design and Functional Benchmarking of Front Bumper Systems

After the successfully launch in the year 2014 fka is continuously working on a design und functional benchmarking of front bumper systems. In this context, 10 front bumper systems of new releases are analyzed, which were selected by the customer consortium via online voting before. Within the design benchmarking the different systems are analyzed regarding the fitting positions and the number of single parts in the various asselmbly groups. In addition to that, sheet thicknesses, dimensions as well as joining and manufacturing techniques of all single parts are determined. A detailed photo documentation of the overall system, the assembly groups and all single parts is executed. Within the functional benchmarking the crash performance of all systems are analyzed regarding the RCAR structure and the RCAR bumper test.

In addition to that, a material analysis as well as CAD models of all relevant front bumper systems is optionally available.

The benchmarking results are implemented in an online database, which also allows comparative options.

Modul A: Design Benchmarking / Functional Benchmarking

Modul B: Material analysis

Modul C: CAD models

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[Foto: Roland Wohlecker]

Dr. Roland Wohlecker
Manager Structural Assessment & Testing

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Telefon: +49 241 8861 191

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: +49 241 8861 191


fka benchmarking database

Die erhobenen Daten stehen interessierten Unternehmen per Login über unsere Datenbank online zur Verfügung.
The results of the benchmarking activities are available for all interested clients and companies via login to our benchmarking database.

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