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Integrating your customer into all process steps, starting with the idea right through to concept development and user experience, is the key to success in automotive industry. Thanks to our empirical concept evaluation methods we can answer those questions which cannot be answered with technical expertise or modeling alone. In the end, it’s the customer who will rate the acceptance, effectiveness and safety of a system.

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Prof. Dr. phil. Maximilian Schwalm

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Prof. Dr. phil. Maximilian Schwalm

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Traffic psychology - Driver state detection

For the decision whether certain automation levels are permitted or not, it is essential to ensure that in case the system passes back to the driver, he is ready to take over.

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Development of methods

Our aim is to develop relevant design criteria already at an early stage of development and show potential for optimization from the user's perspective.

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User-infrastructure interaction

We want to prevent already the occurrence of dangerous situations by nudging people to a better behavior.

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Customer satisfaction

Increasingly, methods for customer orientation already during product development are needed.

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