No matter if drive train, body, chassis, or sound design – whatever NVH question you have, we will find a sound answer and solution. You benefit from our hybrid approach integrating both simulation and testing. With our numerous flexible test benches, virtual models, and proprietary software solutions we look into both standard questions and research topics.

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Department Manager Acoustics
Dipl.-Ing. Jens Viehöfer

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Simulation – CAE for NVH analyses

For an early design of NVH characteristics of components and entire vehicles, simulation tools are essential.

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Full vehicle NVH

Vibration and sound characteristics from the in- and outside are both significant for the vehicle’s evaluation.

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Sound emission in chassis bushings

Thanks to our unique test bench, we can analyze how noises in chassis bushings and bearings with applied pre-load arise.

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Sound design for synthetical vehicle sounds

Sound design is an important measure to create a driving pleasure, a sound brand identity, and give feedback to drivers and the surroundings.

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Elimination of static noise from electromechanical servo-steering

Electromechanical servo-steering can lead to transmission rattle, which can disturb the driving experience severely.

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