[Image: CO2 reduction]
Strategy & Consulting | Dipl.-Kfm. Ingo Olschewski

Strategies for reducing CO2 and emissions

Legislative CO2- and emission guidelines are major drivers for mid- and long-term automotive developments.

[Image: Steer-by-wire]
Chassis | Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Wegener

Our steer-by-wire concept

Steer-by-wire is one of the key technologies for high level automated driving.

Drivetrain | Dr.-Ing. Manfred Crampen

Customized hybridization or electrification

Our unique simulation environment helps us adjusting concepts and functions to meet the precise requirements of the vehicle platform und use-case in question.

[Grafik: Mensch & Infrastruktur]
User Experience | Prof. Dr. phil. Maximilian Schwalm

User-infrastructure interaction

We want to prevent already the occurrence of dangerous situations by nudging people to a better behavior.

[Foto: Klimaregler]
Thermal Management | Damian Backes M.Sc.

Interior air conditioning

New concepts for electric vehicles and automated driving create new challenges for the interior air conditioning.

crash batteriesystem1
Body | Dipl.-Ing. Kristian Seidel

Crash-deformable battery systems

The energy storage is mostly positioned in those areas in vehicles, which are most unlikely to be deformed during a crash. These areas however are limited and therefore also limit the maximum battery capacity and the range of the vehicle.

[Foto: SpeedE]
Vehicle Concepts | Dr.-Ing. Nico Depner

SpeedE: Vehicle concept and research platform

Our vehicle concept SpeedE turns e-mobility into e-motion.

[Rendering: Automated Valet Parking]
Driver Assistance & Automated Driving | Dr.-Ing. Adrian Zlocki

Automated driving: Valet parking

Our automated valet parking system, which we developed together with our partner ika, allows the driver to leave his car in front of the car park and allocate a parking space with his smart phone.

Electrics/Electronics | Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Küfen

unplugged - Inductive charging

Electric mobility is one of the major future topics in automotive. It will change and define the types of mobility and vehicles of the future.

Simulation – CAE for NVH Analyses
Acoustics | Dipl.-Ing. Jens Viehöfer

Simulation – CAE for NVH analyses

For an early design of NVH characteristics of components and entire vehicles, simulation tools are essential.