Power network simulation and evaluation

The power grid is an essential basis for intelligent vehicle functionalities. Energy efficiency and safety play major roles in developing such systems.

Simulations for system development have to be adjustable to complex and specific questions in order to support

  • the preliminary design of the power grid,
  • the evaluation of components, as well as
  • the energy management across all systems under consideration of the operating modes of all components.

Linking the requirements of functional safety according to ISO 26262 helps optimizing our approaches and ensures a close serial context.

Our overall, interdisciplinary development work is supported by multi-disciplinary simulation environments for the design and development of electrical systems, their components and functions.

Especially electrical systems with several voltage levels become increasingly important.

Based on our experience with measurements of electrical systems in existing vehicles, we use vehicle models in Matlab/Simulink and CarMaker for our simulation and development tasks. They help modeling the operational behavior and thus defining the system’s requirements.

[Foto: 48 V Power Net]

[Foto: DC/DC DAB Converter]

Testing infrastructure


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Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Küfen

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