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Traffic psychology - Driver state detection

For the decision whether certain automation levels are permitted or not, it is essential to ensure that in case the system passes back to the driver, he is ready to take over. Especially when the driver is occupied with non-driving tasks such as reading, watching movies etc. the question arouses, if he fulfills the necessary qualifications (psychologically and physically) to take over the driving task at short notice.

Thanks to our extensive research on driver attention, strategies and driver state monitoring, we can model the driver performance in a resource-orientated way.

Thus, we have already analyzed in numerous projects how a driver can be monitored with the help of sensors. Information about his performance level can be derived therefrom. With the help of surveys in our highly dynamic driving simulator, eye-tracking systems and other measures to evaluate vital parameters like hear rates or body language, we develop customized technical monitoring systems for your product to help detect the driver’s state and performance.

Essential for our approach is the early definition of the various driver conditions on which to focus. These are needed to find appropriate and measurable physical indicators in order to objectively evaluate the driver states.

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