Sound Emission in Chassis Bushings

Sound emission in chassis bushings

Thanks to our unique test bench, we can analyze how noises in chassis bushings and bearings with applied pre-load arise. Therefore, the test bench is specially equipped, in order to automatically move the bearings under a set pre-load, while reducing the sound emission of the test rig itself.

The Automotive Interior Center of our cooperation partner ika is the ideal tool to measure and identify these sound phenomena at varying temperatures from -20 °C to +40 °C under anechoic conditions.

As the sound genesis depends not only on the bearing, but also on the characteristics of the movement itself (amplitude and frequency), the applied pre-load, temperature, and humidity, a complex testing matrix for each type of bearing is necessary. This obviously leads to difficulties in the subjective evaluation of sounds. Therefore, we combine the measured date with subjective auditory impressions within psycho-acoustic analyses and studies to generate target values.

[Foto: Sound Emission in Chassis Bushings]

[Foto: Sound Emission in Chassis Bushings]

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