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EU-LIVE: Efficient urban light vehicles

Electric two-, three- and four-wheel lightweight vehicles can close the gap between bicycles and common passenger cars for private transport in urban areas.

Due to low quantities however, the production of such lightweight vehicles however is relatively expensive compared to passenger cars.

An extensive, vehicle independent modularization and common-part strategy could help to reduce the development and production costs and therefore also the price, the customer has to pay. So far, this strategy has not been implemented.

The project EU-LIVE is funded by the European Commission and addresses these challenges by developing three lightweight vehicles based on one modular drivetrain concept, which was especially designed  for such vehicles.

Currently , two physical and one virtual prototype are being set up:

  1. Physical prototype of a three-wheel vehicle with a hybrid drivetrain consisting of electric wheel hub motors and a combustion engine
  2. Physical prototype of a battery electric scooter, in which the electric drivetrain components of the tricycle where built into an existing scooter
  3. Virtual prototype of a battery electric ultralight four-wheel vehicle including the electric drivetrain components of the other concepts.

The Virtual Prototype

The exterior design, for which fka is responsible, is based on the results of an open European design contest with more than 90 participants.

The diagonally shifted seats allow even two large passengers to find comfortable room in the two-seater, despite small overall dimensions and free-standing wheels.

The air-conditioned drivetrain components are placed under the seats, the trunk and at the wheels to save room.

The simulations to safeguard the concept show a continuous safe driving performance and convenient surround-flow behavior.

[Foto: Beschreibung]

[Foto: Beschreibung]

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Dr.-Ing. Nico Depner

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