[Image: Flat-Trac Tire Test Bench]

MTS Flat-Trac® IV CT plus Tire Test Bench

Our new MTS Flat-Trac® IV CT plus is the only openly accessible highly dynamic tire test rig in Europe in its class.

The electrically driven flat track has a wheel torque of 6,000 Nm and allows highly dynamic testing with up to 250 km/h roadway velocity.

Besides the testing services, the test rig is also used for research projects to gain a better understanding of the transient force transmission or temperature behavior of tires for example.

Thanks to our close cooperation with our research partner ika, we also have access to test rigs to determine handling characteristics, the tire stiffness and its dynamic behavior in cleat tests, plus for rolling resistance measurements on public roads.

This extensive testing infrastructure allows our team Tire Technology to measure data for all relevant tire simulation models and parameterize FTire and MF-tyre models.

[Image: Flat-Trac Tire Test Bench]

[Image: Flat-Trac Tire Test Bench]

Testing infrastructure

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