Simulation - CAE for NVH Analyses

Simulation - CAE for NVH analyses

For an early design of NVH characteristics of components and entire vehicles, simulation tools are essential. fka offers a wide variety of solutions to your questions concerning the simulation of sound and vibrations. Be it the analytical modeling of possible noise sources under consideration of their physical formation mechanisms or FE and MBS models for the simulation of sound and vibration transfer - we are prepared for all of your questions.

For example, we

  • map the vibration formation by implementing analytical models on a physical basis,
  • simulate the natural resonance / modal behavior of components, subsystems and body structures (virtual modal analyses),
  • calculate the vibroacoustic transfer functions from the offspring of structure-borne noises to the airborne sound received by the driver in the vehicle,
  • correlate and adjust the models with measurement data with the help of modal parameter, the comparison of transfer functions and a selection of appropriate evaluation criteria in varying levels of complexity.

Furthermore, we also use complex modular and hybrid methods combining different simulation methods or experimental analyses to handle complex questions. Therefore we resort to our cross-linked expertise concerning sub structuring techniques.

Besides conventional software solutions we also provide proprietary solutions for data management.

[Foto: Simulation - CAE for NVH Analyses]

[Foto: Simulation - CAE for NVH Analyses]

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Corporate Development | Dr.-Ing. Markus Bröckerhoff

fka Digital Events

We focus on digital events and content – not only now, but also in the future.

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