Vehicle Testing

Vehicle testing

Scope of testing activities

  • Planing of test series & integration of measurement equipment to test vehicles
  • Performance of driving tests (e.g. ISO, ECE or customer specific maneuvers)
  • Post processing and evaluation of measurement data

Available measurement equipment

  • Steering robot (Anthony Best Dynamics SR60)
  • Measurement steering wheel (Corrsys Datron MSW)
  • GPS supported Inertial Measuring Unit (IMAR iTrace F200-E)
  • Optical velocity sensor (Corrsys Datron Correvit S350)
  • Optical 3D-Measuring system (AICON Wheelwatch)
  • Acceleration sensors (2g, 10g, 50g)
  • Various additional sensors and measurement components (e.g. travel sensors, pressure sensors, pedal force sensors)

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