Vehicle Testing

Vehicle dynamics testing

Testing based analysis and evaluation of vehicle dynamics are essential in many areas of automotive development and research. Examples are investigations of control functions or optimized vehicle components and their effects on the overall vehicle dynamics and the evaluation of the vehicle driving behavior for the implementation of valid simulation models.

fka offers an extensive expertise in vehicle dynamics testing and access to state of the art measurement systems to acquire comprehensive vehicle measurement data. Our testing activities include purposive planning, preparation, performance and evaluation of particular driving tests as well as test campaigns containing various test. Throughout all testing phases, we aim to achieve a high signal quality and a high reproducibility as well as to deliver a comprehensive documentation of all relevant test parameters. Our activities in the individual testing phases include among others:

Test design and planning

  • Elaboration of test specific measurement setups
  • Definition of test track requirements
  • Selection and booking of an appropriate test track (e.g. ATC Aldenhoven, ATP Papenburg, IDIADA, Ford Proving Grounds Lommel)
  • Preparation of test and project plans

Vehicle preparation

  • Installation of sensors and measurement equipment
  • High-precision, optical measurement of the sensor and measurement equipment positions in the test vehicle
  • Loading of the test vehicle using ballast weights or passenger dummies (if necessary)
  • Documentation of measurement setup and vehicle conditions

Test performance

  • Calibration of measurement systems and plausibility check
  • Test performance by trained test drivers
  • Performing of standardized vehicle tests, e.g.:
    - Step steer (ISO 7401)
    - Sinusoidal steering (ISO 7401)
    - Frequency response
    - On-Center-Handling (ISO 13674)
    - VDA- and ISO-lane change (ISO 3888)
    - Steady state cornering (ISO 4138)
    - Power-off reaction tests (e.g. ISO 9816)
    - Braking tests (ISO 21994 or ECE-R 13-H)
    - ESC-tests, Sine-with-Dwell-test (ECE-R 13-H)
    - Steering tests (ECE-R 79)
  • Load determination tests
  • Performance of system evaluation tests
  • Performance of customer specific tests
  • Documentation of test performance

Data and test evaluation

  • Post-processing of recorded measurements data
  • Data provision in established data formats
  • Test specific data evaluation and determination of characteristic values (e.g. test evaluation corresponding to DIN-, ISO- or ECE-standards)
  • Implementation of customer specific test evaluations

For the acquisition of relevant vehicle data fka has access to state of the art measurement equipment such as:

  • Steering robot (Anthony Best Dynamics SR60)
    for robot controlled steering wheel inputs (open-loop-maneuvers) and logging of applied steering wheel angle and steering wheel torque;
  • Measurement steering wheel (Corrsys Datron MSW)
    for logging of steering wheel angle and steering wheel torque (driver input while performing closed-loop-maneuvers);
  • INS/GNSS inertial measurement system (IMAR iTrace F200-E)
    for logging of angular rates and angles related to the three vehicle axes (roll, pitch & yaw), accelerations and velocities in longitudinal, lateral and vertical vehicle direction, vehicle slip angle;
  • optical velocity sensors (Corrsys Datron Correvit S350 & S-Motion L)
    for logging of the vehicle velocities (longitudinal and lateral direction) and the vehicle slip angle;
  • optical 3D-measurement system (AICON Wheelwatch)
    to determine the kinematic und elastokinematic behavior of the wheel suspension under real driving conditions;
  • Laser ride height sensors (Kistler HF500C)
    for logging of the vehicle ride heights
  • diverse accelerations sensors (2g, 10g, 50g)
    for logging of vehicle or component accelerations at relevant measuring points
  • Pedal force sensor
    for logging of pedal forces (e.g. brake pedal force)
  • Brake pressure sensors
    for logging of brake pressures at the wheel brakes
  • CAN-Interfaces
    for an optional logging of data from the vehicles CAN-bus
  • Sensors to determine specific component loads
    e.g. Laser- or wire travel sensors, strain gauges, load cells & load shim

You are welcome to contact us for an individual solution for your demands in the field of vehicle dynamics testing.

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