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Kinematic and Compliance Test Rig (K&C)

The kinematics and compliance (K&C) characteristics of a chassis system have major influence on the vehicle driving behavior and the overall vehicle performance. Therefore for the understanding and development of innovative and future-oriented chassis systems an exact knowledge of the K&C characteristics is necessary.

fka offers a longstanding expertise in the identification of the kinematics and compliance characteristics and access to a state-of-the art K&C test rig capable for measurements of full vehicles or stand-alone axle subsystems. The K&C test rig allows a three-dimensional force application (longitudinal, lateral and vertical forces) via air-bedded wheel substitute systems adapted to the particular wheel parameters. The resulting displacements and wheel angle changes are measured and recorded with a high-precision optical measurement system. For special measurement tasks additional sensors (e. g. travel sensors or wire strain gauges) can be integrated into the measurement chain.

K&C test bench – technical information

Test bench features:

  • Air-bedded wheel substitute systems (adjustable to the particular wheel parameters)
  • Controlled motion of the suspensions (compression & rebound) and application of forces (longitudinal & lateral forces) via twelve independent actuators
    - Max. vertical forces: 13.000 N
    - Max. horizontal forces: 5.000 N
  • High-precision optical measurement system (AICON WheelWatch) for recording of the resulting displacements and wheel angle changes
  • Capability to perform axle subsystem as well as full vehicle measurements

Measured K&C parameters:

  • Tyre contact point displacement (x, y, z)
  • Wheel center displacement (x, y, z)
  • Toe & camber angle changes
  • Roll center position (calculated)
  • Steering ratio
  • Caster angle changes during longitudinal force application

Vehicle limitations:

  • Max. vehicle track width: 1.640 mm
  • Max. vehicle wheel base 3.210 mm
  • Special measurement configurations with vehicles beyond the stated limitations are upon request

Our services

Measurement preparations:

  • Vehicle conditioning (e. g. loading with passenger dummies or dummy payload)
  • Design & manufacturing of vehicle specific fixation adapters (if necessary)
  • Application of additional sensors (e. g. to measure steering rack, spring or damper travel)
  • Test bench preparation

Performance of K&C-measurements

  • Performance of K&C-measurement on full vehicles or axle subsystems
    - Parallel & opposite wheel travel measurements
    - Steering measurements
    - Lateral force application
    - Longitudinal force application
  • Optical measurement & recording of relevant K&C parameters

Data and test evaluation:

  • Post-processing & evaluation of recorded measurement data
  • Determination characteristic suspension parameters
  • Preparation of detailed test documentation
  • Generation of model-specific K&C-parameter files for common simulation tools

Your testing demand

You are welcome to contact us for an individual solution for your demands in the field of K&C parameter identification

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: +49 241 8861 187

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