Requirement Analysis and Vehicle Specifications
  • Analysis of market tends and upcoming technologies
  • Competitor analysis and benchmarking
  • Requirement engineering and target setting

    Customer surveys, scenario methods, cost-benefit-analysis, added-value studies, requirements structure, etc.

  • Determination of concept driving regulations and boundary conditions on vehicle level

    Legislation, regulations, guidelines, standards, rules, recommended practices etc.

  • Derivation and harmonization of essential development specifications

    Vehicle specification sheet, concept specifications, requirements list, HMI and digital design specifications etc.

  • Alignment and determination of vehicle main dimension concept, basic architecture and layout
  • Exploration and assessment of exterior and interior design themes and visions

    Design criteria, USPs and distinctive recognition design features, moodboards, exterior, interior and HMI concept sketches, key-sketches

Concept Design and Assessment
  • Review and assessment of existing solutions (SotA review)
  • Identification of suitable basic technologies
  • Agile and systematical development of tailored principal solutions

    Creativity workshops, TRIZ, Design Thinking, SRUM, design catalogues etc.

  • Package concept and vehicle layout
    • Visualization of geometrical requirements and boundary geometry
    • Mechanical component packaging (2D and 3D)
    • Occupant packaging (vehicle ergonomics and design for comfort, 2D and 3D)
    • Drivetrain layout and dimensioning
    • Suspension layout
    • Digital mock-up (DMU) of total vehicle concept
  • Concept studies on color and trim design
  • Design and technology convergence for harmonizing esthetical and engineering requirements
  • Systematic evaluation and und concept selection

    Rough assessment, structured and weighted rating systems, Pugh-Matrix, QFD, life-cycle analysis, cost and performance assessment

Detailed design and optimization
  • Parametric-associative CAD design for agile design updates and iterations
  • Optimization of ergonomics and comfort using human models and hardware seating bucks
  • Interface management for main vehicle divisions
  • Functional validation using numerical analysis and virtual development tools
  • Feasibility studies, proof of concept, design review and derivation of potential design changes
  • Lifecycle and cost analyses for holistic concept optimization
  • Detailed DMU management
  • Production orientated part design in CAD (CATIA V5)
  • Validation of 3D styling and modelling of A-surfaces including functional surfaces

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: +49 241 8861 128


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