Thermal Management

The electrification of vehicles creates new challenges for optimizing the thermal management both for drivetrain components and interior temperature control as well as for the complete vehicle itself. With our thorough understanding of components we analyze the vehicle as a complete thermodynamic system while considering human comfort requirements.


Benchmarking and Cooling System Conception

Thermal conditioning of drive systems for electric vehicles is an important attribute to differentiate from competitors in the market. We support our customers in the analysis, conception, and design of cooling systems for electric vehicles.

Thermal system requirements are getting more and more complex with every electric vehicle generation. Efficiency, both regarding energy transmission and regarding manufacturing and part costs, plays a major role. The results of our design benchmarking regarding state-of-the-art traction batteries reveal major development improvements in this area.

Based on the results of the design benchmarking, as well as for entirely new developments, we support our customers in the design of cooling systems and components. Based on our longitudinal dynamics simulations, thermal power demands in the cooling circuit are identified. These results, together with CAD data, shape the input for thermal CFD simulations.

In the next step, thermal CFD simulations are used to identify the ideal configuration of components based on parameter variations. Both geometry and material variations can be investigated. The resulting thermal coefficients may then be used in the longitudinal dynamics simulations to identify the optimum operating strategies of the active components in the cooling circuit.

With the solutions presented, we offer a broad portfolio of services to support our customers in the development of thermal conditioning systems. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your individual requirements.


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