[Image: Drivetrain testing]

Drivetrain testing: Component - System - Full vehicle / Mechanical - Electrical - Thermal

Ever since our foundation we have focused on improving the efficiency of conventional drivetrains and developing alternative drive systems.

One of our most important tools therefore is our highly flexible test bench infrastructure for examinations of all kinds of systems on all kinds of levels.

In order to analyze current research concepts, we view all relevant forms of energy – mechanical, electrical, thermal - with our measurement technology. Our test benches of course are capable of testing drivetrain systems for all kinds of vehicles, be it subcompact, or normal passenger cars, work machines, busses, or heavy duty vehicles.

We offer the following examinations:

For drive systems

  • dynamic road tests similar to the test track
  • function study and characteristic behavior / performance of drivetrain components
  • endurance strength with and without time scaling
  • power output and efficiency measurements
  • energy and fuel consumption

For energy storage systems

  • characterization of energy storages under varying charging rates and climatic conditions
    • overall efficiency (coulomb / energetic)
    • internal resistance
    • peak power
    • life cycle
  • simulation of energy storage systems

Technical data:

  • Mechanical
    • max. driving power: 450 kW
    • max. braking power: 2 x 560 kW
    • max. velocity: 340 km/h
    • max. driving torque: 3,300 Nm
    • max. wheel torque: 4,700 Nm
  • Electrical:
    • voltage range: 10 – 1,000 V
    • current range: ± 1,000 A
    • maximum power: ± 400 kW

[Image: Drivetrain testing]

[Image: Drivetrain testing]

Testing infrastructure

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Bereichsleiter Antrieb & Thermomanagement
Dr.-Ing. Manfred Crampen

Manager Business Unit Drivetrain & Thermal Management
Dr.-Ing. Manfred Crampen

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Telefon: +49 241 8861 170

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: +49 241 8861 170

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