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Scalable Simulation for Energy Efficiency

During early stages of the development process, investigations regarding energy efficiency of components and systems can be carried out by means of simulation. The level of detail needs to be tailored to every individual use case. fka GmbH provides a broad simulation environment to address all relevant aspects in this field.

1D-Longitudinal Dynamics Simulation Library

1D-longitudinal dynamics simulations determine the energy efficiency of vehicles in driving cycles with high accuracy. With the fka simulation library “SimLib”, new vehicle configurations can be easily configured and simulated. Drivetrain components are modelled based on their physical behaviour enabling access to all system states in equivalence to the real system during runtime. This provides the base for simple integration of customer-specific models of innovative components using their simulated physical interfaces. Existing and validated simulation models representing series-production vehicles can also be used, if a fast project execution is required. Customer-specific implementation and provision of simulation models is possible as well. All relevant type approval cycles are covered and bidirectional interfaces to the official VECTO environment for commercial vehicles are implemented.

Mission-Based Driving Cycle Generation

Special vehicle applications can be covered with dedicated, validated driving cycles required if the type approval cycles do not represent the scenario sufficiently. In the first step, an appropriate description of the driving task is defined. Next, measurements are recorded for this mission, as fka GmbH has already demonstrated for commercial vehicles.

Using in-house algorithms, representative driving cycles are condensed from the real-world measurement and serve as input for the simulation environment. The measurement can additionally be used for calibration of traffic simulation models, e.g. for extrapolation of the operating scenario. Signals of logical and physical values included in the measurement data can further be used for pairwise comparison with the simulated signal traces to validate the longitudinal dynamics model. This valid model can then be used as base e.g. for scaling the drivetrain components based on physical equation systems or for adding components to the drivetrain deriving valid prediction of the system behaviour.

Component Parametrization Based on Specific Design Tools

In addition to the macroscopic investigation of the impacts on full vehicles and uses cases, the simulation library can also be used for the evaluation of the impact of microscopic modifications. A seamless integration interface to additional development tools, such as for gearbox and electric machine design, exists. These can be used to derive parameter sets based on detailed models. Detailed modifications of the elements, such as gearing design, can be investigated regarding their impact on the overall energy efficiency. In case that the generation of parameter sets for configuring the models using these tools is not feasible, an information exchange between the tools during the runtime of the simulation is possible. Therefore, the simulation models of the simulation library can be embedded in third party co-simulations using common interfaces. fka GmbH can embed third party models via these interfaces as well.

Are you looking for a flexible simulation environment for investigations regarding energy efficiency of vehicles? Do not hesitate to contact us at any time! We are looking forward to receiving your message.

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