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Modularization of the drivetrain system

Modularizing drivetrain systems generates general economic advantages such as economies of scale.

Therefore, modularization is used both for energy storages (modular battery concepts) as well as a wide variety of drivetrain systems with different machine concepts.

Thus, we can adjust the efficiency or performance of the chosen drivetrain structure to varying situations. At the same time, the system’s intrinsic redundancies help to improve the functional safety.

In order to generate the desired advantages, a dynamic control architecture which adjusts itself to the hardware is essential. Therefore, a certain level of abstraction for the single components and systems, standardized connections between those, and general search rules for optimized operational states are necessary.

Thanks to our generic energy management system, we can display the drivetrain’s components ubiquitous as energy storage, converter and knot, and manage them with general optimization methods in operation.

This enables us to optimize the systems in real-time while changing operational states und environmental requirements for the tested vehicle.

The advantages of modularized drivetrain systems are e.g. that

  • standardized modules can be used in different vehicle platforms, also across various segments,
  • they enable economies of scales, and
  • the efficiency can be optimized for varying torque requests in operation by activating and deactivating the different modules sequentially

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[Foto: Beschreibung]

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Dr.-Ing. Manfred Crampen

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