Drivetrain | Dr.-Ing. Manfred Crampen

Customized hybridization or electrification

Our unique simulation environment helps us adjusting concepts and functions to meet the precise requirements of the vehicle platform und use-case in question.

[Image: Drivetrain testing]
Drivetrain | Dr.-Ing. Manfred Crampen

Drivetrain testing: Component - System - Full vehicle / Mechanical - Electrical - Thermal

Ever since our foundation we have focused on improving the efficiency of conventional drivetrains and developing alternative drive systems.

platzhalter 360x300
Drivetrain | Dr.-Ing. Manfred Crampen

Modularization of the drivetrain system

Modularizing drivetrain systems generates general economic advantages.

platzhalter 360x300Drivetrain | Dr.-Ing. Manfred Crampen

Real driving simulation

Within automotive development, designing technical systems to meet realistic requirements becomes more and more important.

platzhalter 360x300Drivetrain | Dr.-Ing. Manfred Crampen

Commercial Vehicles: Real Consumption and Fleet Optimisation

The large variety of commercial vehicle variants with a wide range of applications offers significant potential for optimising the composition of a fleet with different drive technologies